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Data Link Operations Manual / Module

Datalink (CPDLC, FANS 1/A+, Link 2000+, ADS-C):

Includes the following:

  • Ultra high quality in color
  • FAA LOA/OpSpec A056 Application for CPDLC & ADS-C (A056)
  • Source Documents
  • Description of Aircraft ADS/Data-link Systems
  • Areas of Operations/Routes where Operator intends to use Data-link
  • FAA Job-Aid
  • Support during FAA approval process.

Data Link Operations Manual / Module is over 220 pages and includes the following:

  • Ultra high quality in color
  • Table of Contents/Control Page
  • Operator Information
  • Highlights of Change
  • Revision Page
  • Introduction
  • Abbreviations and Acronyms
  • References
  • Overview of CPDLC & ADS-C Operations
  • Flight Crew Procedures
  • Oceanic Checklist oriented for Datalink
  • Appendix with Standardized CPDLC Message Elements and Text Elements
  • Necessary Reporting Forms (e.g.: DATA LINK Irregularity Report Form & FANS 1/A Problem Report Form)
  • PDF Read Copy for PC, EFB, Tablet, or IPAD
  • Temporary Revision service is included and no additional cost as necessary
  • Company Logo added to Manual Cover (Client provided)

Total Cost is $950.00 USD 


Controller Pilot Datalink Communication (CPDLC)

CPDLC is a datalink application that allows for the direct exchange of text-based messages between a controller and a pilot. CPDLC improves communication capabilities in oceanic areas, especially in situations where controllers and pilots have previously had to rely on a Third Party HF communications relay. CPDLC includes a set of clearance / information / request message elements which correspond to existing phraseology employed by current Air Traffic Control procedures.

Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Contract (ADS-C)

ADS-C allows the establishment of communication contracts between ground systems and an aircraft’s avionics system. An ADS-C contract contains the ATC data requirements for ADS reporting, as well as the frequency of the ADS reports (ATC clearance). An ADS-C operations procedures is included for operators in the Data Link Operations program and supplements this Data Link Operations Manual.

“To the staff at SourceOne Aviation Compliance, thank you so much. As a single aircraft operator, the approval process for our RVSM & SAO airspace programs was seamless and the fast turn-around time exceeded our expectations. I highly recommend your services.“

Brian Holliday

Chief Pilot, Gulfstream 450, Sloan Capital Companies

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