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SourceOne Aviation Compliance provides applications for the following FAA LOA’s /OpSpecs/MSpecs and also SFAR77 for meeting the requirements associated with each authorization. Additional regulatory information is documented in FAA Order 8900.1, Volume 3, Chapter 18. This document is available at:


Note that the requirements in the Ops Specs include operator and crew training requirements and authorizations. In keeping with the definition in Doc. 4444, remember that to file the indicated capability in a flight plan you must have:

  • presence of relevant operational Communication Navigation and Surveillance equipment, to include the appropriate number of units on board the aircraft to meet airspace requirements;
  • Equipment and capabilities commensurate with flight crew qualifications; and
  • where applicable, authorization from the appropriate authority.
Special Operations Part 121 (OpSpec) Part 135 (OpSpec) Part 125 (OpSpec) Part 91 (LOA) Part 91K (MSPEC)
CPDLC A056A056A056A056A056
ADS-B CancelledPer FAA NoticeN8900.491Effective11/09/18
ADS-C A056A056A056A056A056
NAT HLA unrestricted B036 + B039B036 + B039B036 + B039B036 + B039B036 + B039
RNP 10, mult. LRNS B036 + note 1B036 + note 1B036 + note 1B036 + note 1B036 + note 1
RNP 10, single LRNS B054 + note 2B054 + note 2B054 + note 2B054 + note 2B054 + note 2
RNP 4 B036 + note 1B036 + note 1B036 + note 1B036 + note 1B036 + note 1
RNP 2 B036 + note 1B036 + note 1B036 + note 1B036 + note 1B036 + note 1
RNAV 5 B034B034B034B034B034
P-RNAV B034B034B034B034B034
RNAV 2 B035B035B035NRB035
RNAV 1 C063C063C063Optional C063C063
RNP 1 C063C063C063Optional C063C063
VNAV IAPC073C073C073C073C073
LPV (APV with SBAS) C052C052C052N/AC052
GNSS C052C052C052N/AC052

Note 1: Effective 01/22/2019 – the Domestic US only does not require FAA LOA/OpSpec B046/D092 for ADS-B Out Certified Aircraft, and LOA/OpSpec B046/D092 is still required for international flight operations for ICAO States that require formal FAA approval.

Note 2: B036 provides the basic requirements for RNP10/RNP4/RNP2 using dual Long Range Navigation Systems installed and operational. Additional Ops Specs are required depending on the airspace to be flown:

Central East Pacific (CEP): B037

North Pacific (NOPAC): B038

Areas of magnetic unreliability: B040

North Polar: B055

Other Areas: Check B050 for applicability

Note 3: B054 provides the requirements for RNP 10 using a single Long Range Navigation System in the limited areas defined such as GoMex.

Use the FAA MMEL as MEL: D095

14 CFR 135 Serialized or Fleet MEL: OpSpec D095

Serialized (Serial Number/N-Number Specific) MEL: D195

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