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RVSM Oceanic & International Operations Program Manual

This Manual includes RVSM with an Oceanic and International operational policy and procedures manual for Performance Based Navigation (PBN) as well as Area Navigation (RNAV) for NAT-HLA/RNP 1, 2, 4, & 10/B-RNAV-RNAV5/P-RNAV for World-wide RVSM & SAO as appropriate to the LOAs/OpSpec/MSpec for conducting oceanic and international flight operations.

Cost: $1,950.00 USD

Complete FAA Solution: Includes 2 Color Copies and the following content and required FAA documentation:

  • Letter of Request to FAA FSDO Office for RVSM & SAO Airspace LOA/OpSpec/MSpec
  • Completion of FAA Job-Aids
  • Oceanic & International Flight Crew Training Initial & Recurrent Requirements
  • RVSM Operational Policy and Procedures
  • US, Oceanic & International Operational Policy and Procedures
  • Appendices that include Altimetry, Equal Time Point, International Operations Planning Guide, all forms, Volcanic Activity Contingency Plan, Chinese Meters to Flight Level Conversion, and additional information
  • Oceanic Checklist
  • RVSM Airworthiness
  • RVSM Critical & SAO Airspace Equipment List
  • RVSM Normal & Contingency Procedures Checklist for Aircraft
  • 14 CFR 91, 91K, & 135
  • Temporary Revisions are included and no additional charge as necessary
  • Digital PDC Copy for PC, EFB, Tablet, or IPAD with a 1-time setup fee per Client for electronic document Access on Cloud Server for Storage 24/7/365
  • Company Logo added to Manual Cover (Client provided)

Complete and Company Specific or it can be customized to include your Flight Department’s Specific Procedures includes: 2 Heavy Duty Custom Binders and Mylar Tabs with High Quality Color RVSM, Oceanic, & International Operations Program Manual (FAA Copy is Black & White or in PDF if required by the FAA). Additional copies are available.

We are very happy with the RVSM, SAO Airspace Operations, & Oceanic & International Operations Manuals and in fact, the FAA even provided very positive comments on the excellence. Thank you!

Jack Kelly

Chief Pilot, Challenger 604 & 605, AiRush, Inc.

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